Sternen Grill – The Original at Bellevue

The legendary Sternen Grill at Bellevue has treated Zurich residents to delicious sausages since 1963.

The Sternen Grill is a real city original and inseparably linked to Zurich: many even claim that the best sausages in town are to be found here. But even those who do not agree with this still have to admit that the place is something of a myth: every day, people stand in a line that extends out onto the street to get their grilled sausage with mustard and crusty Bürli bread roll. The few seats available invite guests to linger a while – and with a little luck you can even secure a table on the upper floor, from where you can look out over the roof of the Bellevue tram station and over Sechseläutenplatz as far as Lake Zurich.  

However, most locals – and many tourists, too – simply fetch a bratwurst and Bürli, and sit and eat them on Sechseläutenplatz or by the lake.   

And a quick tip for all those who like it hot: order your bratwurst with extra-hot mustard. This explodes in your nose –but the experience is mind-blowing! What’s more, fans of this super-hot mustard can also buy it in the Globus department store, just a few meters down the road, whose delicatessen department stocks it in conveniently-sized 200g jars.

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Opening Hours

Take Away 10.30am–11.45pm
Restaurant 11.30am–11.00pm