Rüsterei – Restaurant Bar Canteen

This restaurant has a pleasant bar, a grill restaurant and an informal cafeteria and is located on the premises of a former paper mill.

The name “Rüsterei” harks back to the converting facility at the Sihl paper mill, which is still apparent from the spectacular high ceilings and industrial architecture that have been preserved on the one-time factory premises. There are three elements to the Rüsterei: Guests have a choice of a grill restaurant combining fresh ingredients with roasty aromas, an impressive-looking bar celebrating coffee and bar culture, and a cafeteria (the “Kantine”) that is open throughout the day for light meals and refreshments.

Depending on whether guests opt for the cafeteria or the restaurant, they are served simple yet tasty snacks, such as burgers, salad bowls, and soups, or a more exquisite choice of dishes including dry aged beef, wild fish specialties, or seasonal vegetables accompanied by the right wines to suit the dish.

The Rüsterei is also an extremely popular place to go for brunch on Sundays.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 12.00 noon–2.00pm & 6.00pm–12.00 midnight
Saturday, 6.00pm–12.00 midnight

Monday–Saturday, 10.00am–12.00 midnight