Vegan from A to Z – at the Roots take-out between the Main Train Station and Globus, everything right up to the milk in the coffee is completely free of animal products.

Anyone who only eats vegan food or simply wants to enjoy a healthy snack should be sure to pay a visit to Roots, situated between Zurich Main Train Station and the tradition-steeped department store, Globus. Here absolutely everything is completely vegan – from the smoothies and juices to the mouth-watering salads and soups, right through to the scrumptious sandwiches.

The concept is young, creative and wild – just like the founders of this popular take-out restaurant. The dishes are excellent and well-seasoned, something that non-vegans, too, will confirm.

The modern, friendly locale is spacious and offers a few seats, while the fresh, seasonal ingredients are transformed into delicious bowls and shakes behind a long bar.

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I like the crew who work at the vegan restaurant and take-out, Roots. The food is delicious and 100% vegan!

Nicolas Müller
For Nicolas Müller, Zurich serves as an interface between work and home.

Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 7.00am–8.00pm, Saturday, 10.00am–6.00pm