November 11, 2023

Starting at 3.00pm
Open-air concert near the Paracelsus Hospital performed by Kadettenmusik Horgen. Sale of gourd lanterns along Poststrasse. The sixth-year pupils from Richterswil will be selling their artistically carved gourds. Over 20 market stalls, located throughout the heart of the old village, will be offering tasty surprises: sweets, treats, grilled sausages, beverages, and much more.

Starting at 4.00pm
Open-air concert with various brass ensembles at Wisshusplatz and along Poststrasse. As dusk falls, the gourd lanterns will be lit, and the village centre will become a fairy-tale stage. Our illuminated fountain will shoot magical bursts of light into the night sky at 5.00pm, 6.00pm and 8.30pm.

At 6.30pm
Start of the gourd-lantern parade. The schools and clubs from the Richterswil/Samstagern municipalities have once again created around 40 works of art for the gourd-lantern parade, which lasts approximately one hour.

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8805 Richterswil
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Verkehrsverein Richterswil
8805 Richterswil
+41 44 787 69 69

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