Maag Halle

Concerts, shows, parties and events: the Maag Halle offers space for a variety of entertainment.

The Maag Halle is located directly behind Hardbrücke Train Station, in the bustling cultural and nightlife quarter of Zurich-West. The program alternates between shows, parties, concerts and many other types of events.  In the past, famous names such as Billy Idol, Kid Rock or Lady Gaga have performed on the stage, and musicals and dance shows stop off here on their tours.

The Maag's own Music Festival for electronic music, Digital MAAG, stars internationally renowned electro-artists and attracts around 3,000 dance enthusiasts every year. 


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 2 km 4 min
Zürich Airport 8.1 km 10 min
Maag Halle
Zahnradstrasse 24
8005  Zürich