Pavillon Le Corbusier – a Masterpiece of Architecture at Zurichhorn

The final construction piece of the world-famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier is on Lake Zurich.

Le Corbusier planned the "Gesamtkunstwerk" by Lake Zurich as exhibition space for his artistic works: from oil paintings to drawings through to furniture and sculptures. It was inaugurated in1967 and still today is dedicated to the life and works of the architect.

For the first time Le Corbusier renounced building with concrete and the pavilion was entirely constructed with steel, enamel and glass. Nevertheless, he remained faithful to his "new architecture" philosophy: Flexible and extensible components from favorable functional and industrial material were to form the scaffolding.
The roof floats above the rest of the building, separated like an umbrella over the house. Colored slabs give the cube a rhythmic character from the outside.

Important notice:

Le Corbusier will remain closed until spring 2019 due to restoration work.

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Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 12.00pm – 6.00pm
Thursday until 8.00pm