Traversée active de Zurich

Évènement pour le développement de l’équipe, enterrement de vie de garçon ou excursion en famille : voici les aventures actives pour groupes à Zurich.
Segeln mit Regattafeeling, Zürichsee

Out-of-office message on, PC off: A day out with the team is a great opportunity to shake up the daily office routine. Those who want to challenge their colleagues on an athletic level, organize a canoe tour, a trip to the rope park or an outdoor adventure in the mountains. It’s all about dexterity when doing archery or playing golf in the office hallway. Sharpness and gaming skills are required when playing escape room, going on a scavenger hunt, or taking up exciting challenges. Whether it’s a team event, a company celebration, or a social program during a meeting: There is the perfect activity for every team.

Advice and Assistance

Are you planning a team excursion or event in Zurich? The Convention Bureau would be pleased to assist you in organizing your event.

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On the Water

With Paddle, Sail, and Oar

Whether it’s stand-up paddling or sailing on Lake Zurich, a kayak tour or dragon boating: Nothing gets the team out of everyday stress as quickly as an excursion on the water.  

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