Cocktail Bars in Zurich

Whether shaken or stirred, the main thing is mixed: these bars have made cocktails their specialist discipline.

Originally consumed as a stimulating morning beverage, cocktails have enjoyed lasting popularity for many years, especially in the evening. Mixing and fine-tuning the ingredients is a real science and an art to which many bartenders have passionately devoted themselves. These Zurich bars are home to the most talented mixologists. They serve both classics and exciting creations of their own of the highest quality.

The Cozy

Tales Bar

When people get together and exquisite cocktails are served, history is written and stories are told.
The Virtuoso

Old Crow Bar

The former boss of the Widder Bar has fulfilled a dream with the Old Crow Bar – serving rare spirits and cocktails for aficionados and connoisseurs.
The Welcoming


The Raygrodski is a cheerful and lively locale – but without neglecting the first-class quality of its beverages.
The Specialized

4 Tiere Bar

More than 400 types of gin and passionate bar staff make this bar a popular haunt among gin lovers.
The Charming

Bar am Wasser

Swanky and cozy, with a fantastic view of the lake – the Bar am Wasser serves the most sophisticated of cocktails in an elegant atmosphere.

Multifaceted Zurich

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