Zurich by Guido Schweizer

For Guido, Zurich is a stage – particularly during the Advent period, when he is the Santa Claus of Zurich.
Particularly at Christmas, Zurich offers a magical backdrop, which for me becomes a stage.
Guido Schweizer

At Advent, tram driver Guido Schweizer becomes arguably the most famous Santa in the city: for in the weeks leading up to Christmas, he is at the helm of the enchanting old-timer “Jelmoli Märlitram” when it trundles through the festively lit Zurich.

On the way, his passengers – children aged between 4 and 10 years – listen to Christmas stories told by the angel, sing Christmas carols, and are given a traditional “Tirggel” cookie as a gift.

His costume, the Christmas illuminations, and the festively decorated streetcar transform Zurich into a stage, says Guido.