Worldwebforum – Business Conference on Digital Transformation in Europe

At the Worldwebforum, thought leaders from around the globe discuss the future of digitalization.


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January 17–18, 2019

One of the most important European events for decision-makers from all the various branches of industry is the annual Worldwebforum. The conference for digital transformation addresses the challenges posed by global digitalization at the very center of the action. Thought leaders from all over the world – including CEOs, managers, professors, pioneers and visionaries from companies such as Pixar, Google, Navy Seals, Amazon, Apple, Disney, World Economic Forum and Burning Man Festival – will be speaking and debating in front of an international public. Around 1,500 guests will experience the event live on location, with thousands more worldwide following the happenings via live streams and media reports.

Master and Servant

In 2019, the conference takes up the theme of “Master and Servant”, and looks at how artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will influence the balance of power in future. Will today’s establishment become stronger or will revolutionaries use the new technologies to dismantle existing structures?

The Digital Revolution in Tourism

AI and Big Data are increasingly manifesting themselves in the customer journey of travelers: they assist when problems occur, provide context for map searches, and help overcome language barriers. People are becoming accustomed to these invisible helpers. Is this a good or bad thing? Are customers becoming servants or remaining masters? What are the consequences for the value chain? Are there differences between the East and the West? Where do privacy issues accentuate themselves? The “TOURISM” track explores these and other questions with top-class speakers.

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