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10 Tips Along the Water Route in the Zurich Region
The much-loved lakeside lidos, cruises on Lake Zurich, the unique “Badi Bars” in the water city of Zurich, and the most spectacular waterfall in Europe: there are a host of things to discover on the Water Route through the Zurich Region.
This open-air bathing facility is located in the middle of a park on the right shore of Lake Zurich.
Tip 2 | Historical Lido
This age-old wooden bathing facility is an absolute historic gem among Zurich’s lidos.
Tip 3 | Lake Cruise
A relaxed ride on Lake Zurich is part of a visit to Zurich
Tip 4 | Badi-Bar
Zürich is renowned for its bathing pool bars or "Badi-Bars", just like the Rimini.
Tip 5 | Natural Landscape
Thurauen’s natural landscape is home to kingfishers, beavers, tree frogs and a whole lot more.
Tip 6 | Waterfall
Europe's biggest waterfall is located in Switzerland: Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen
Tip 7 | Water sports
Rent a canoe in Schmerikon and enjoy a relaxed day on Upper Lake Zurich
On the bridge between Rapperswil and Hurden you find yourself walking in the footsteps of pilgrims.
Tip 9 | Bathing Island
There are two islands in Lake Zurich not far from Rapperswil-Jona. The smaller one is Lützelau Island
Tip 10 | Restaurant with Lake View
A Mediterranean oasis on Lake Zurich. Generously proportioned rooms and nooks tempt you to stay a while. The Hirschen am See Restaurant is an inviting place to relax.