Zurich, the Water City

Gushing, splashing, flowing… in Zurich, there is water everywhere you look.

Sport and Relaxation on Lake Zurich

The locals’ favorite area of water offers a suitable leisure activity for everyone, whether bon vivant or discoverer.

Water is omnipresent in Zurich and invites residents and guests to engage in all kinds of water-related activities. Swimming, surfing, sailing, stand-up paddling or simply strolling along the water’s edge ‒ the possibilities are endless.

Top-quality drinking water flows non-stop from the 1,224 fountains in the city of Zurich: 70% comes from Lake Zurich, 15% is spring water, and the rest is groundwater.
One of the 1,224 fountains is the Napf Fountain, which stands in the picturesque Old Town. The present-day statue dates from 1937; the previous column can be admired in the National Museum.

Sea dogs can explore Lake Zurich in an unforgettable way on a cruise operated by the Lake Zurich Navigation Company (ZSG). And a tour of the city directly through the Old Town on board one of the Limmat boats is anyway a must.

City Tour by Boat

Discover the most beautiful places in Zurich on the Limmat boats, Felix, Regula and Turicum.

Pitch your tent next to the lake, light a campfire, and gaze into the starry sky: camping at the Fischers Fritz campsite, where guests live in furnished safari tents, is a luxurious experience.
Those who like the simple life surrounded by nature should visit the campsite on Lützelau island – where there is no power, ventilation or storage facilities.

With its countless fountains, its many open-air bathing areas by the lake and rivers, and its various waterways, Zurich is the Water City per se. This abundance of water naturally has an impact on the people who live here.

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