Explore Zurich in 72 Hours
A wide variety of museums, gastronomic delights, and leisure facilities and activities can be discovered in the course of a weekend in Zurich.

The Highlights in 72 Hours – an Itinerary for Zurich

For art and culture lovers, Zurich offers a broad range of museums and galleries, a host of restaurants for all food lovers, and shopping facilities to suit every budget and taste.

Zürich’s diversity can also be experienced during a short stay of 72 hours – in other words, three days or a long weekend. However, the following places are an absolute must for everyone who pays a visit to Zurich. What’s more, with the Zürich Card, you can transform your stay into a journey of discovery and benefit from various discounts at many of Zurich’s museums, restaurants and shops.

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Are you in Zurich for just 3 or 24 hours? Here you can find suitable itineraries for shorter visits.

3 hours in Zurich 24 hours in Zurich

3 Days in Zurich
3 Days in Zurich – Itinerary for City Explorers
3 Days in Zurich
3 Days in Zurich – Travel Itinerary for Families.
3 Days in Zurich
3 Days in Zurich – Travel Itinerary for Culture Lovers

Multifaceted Zurich

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