Money, Money, Money

Get your money’s worth: this city tour packed full of facts explains how Zurich established itself as one today’s most important global financial hubs.

  • Find out about the history of money and finance in Zurich
    Explore the old town
    Visit the city’s wishing well
  • Hear stories about Zurich’s money lenders

This exciting tour through Zurich recounts the city’s long relationship with money, as highlighted by impressive and interesting facts: What does the silk industry have to do with banks? Who were the city’s money lenders and where did people first envisage a bold vision for the future?

Answers to these and other intriguing questions will be explained during this leisurely stroll with a focus on historical economic aspects. The tour also includes a stop at Zurich’s highly symbolic wishing well.

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2 hours 3 hours
CHF 340 CHF 420

Time & Duration

  • Date: year-round, daily
  • Departure: on request
Duration: 2 – 3 h


Available in following languages: German, English, French

Aditional information

Amout Participants / Size of Group: 1 – 20

Aperitif offer on request

Dogs on request