Foxtrail Zurich

Fun on a modern paper chase.

  • Use of trails and equipment 
    Use of public transport and surprises on the way  
    Hotline support by phone

This modern paper chase will keep your brain cells in action! Through secret messages, humorous hints, and solving tricky and technically surprising tasks, you will keep on the right track, never knowing what comes next. With comfortable shoes and one mobile phone per group, you are ready to start. The fox will lead you on foot or on public transport to the loveliest corners of Zurich and its surroundings, in 2.5 or 4.5 hours. You start at the Main Railyway Station in Zurich and the trails ends only a stone´s throw from there. Treat yourself and your crew with Foxtrail-Plus – the winner´s aperitif at the end.

Fun, interaction in your team, exercise, sightseeing of Zurich, tricky tasks! 

The following trails are available:
Aristotle: urban trail, which runs through the city center 
Icarus: trail in nature with wonderful views 
Odysseus: urban trail, which runs through the city center 
Spartacus: trail in the Zurich-West district 
Prometheus: trail from Zurich-West, along the lake, to the university district
Hercules: combination of Aristotle and Odysseus
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Group size: 2 - 18 persons

  Adults Children (0 – 16) Families (2A and 2K)
Shorttrail CHF 32 CHF 17 CHF 79
Longtrail CHF 42 CHF 23 CHF 99
Aperitif (large) add. CHF 20 add. CHF 20  
Aperitif (small) add. CHF 10 add. CHF 10  

Group size: from 19 persons

  Adults Kids (0 – 16)
Shorttrail CHF 44 CHF 24
Longtrail CHF 54 CHF 30
Aperitif (large) add. CHF 20 add. CHF 20
Aperitif (small) add. CHF 10 add. CHF 10

Groups from 19 persons can request here, everyone else can use the link below.

Price Special Cases

Group size: 2 - 18 persons 

Adults CHF 32
Children (0 – 16) CHF 17
Families (2A and 2K)   CHF 79
Adults CHF 42
Children (0 – 16) CHF 23
Families (2A and 2K)   CHF 99
Aperitif (large) add. CHF 20 
Aperitif (small) add. CHF 10 

Group size: from 19 persons 
Adults CHF 44
Kids (0 – 16)   CHF 24
Adults CHF 54
Kids (0 – 16)   CHF 30
Aperitif (large) add. CHF 20 
Aperitif (small) add. CHF 10

Time & Duration


2½ – 4½ h

Number of Participants 2 – 300
This tour is available as follows:
All year Every day


Private Tour

Private Tour

This tour for groups or individuals is available in these languages
German, English

Additional Information

Fox Dynamics

In this team-building offer, two coaches assist a team of max. 12 participants on a Foxtrail, characterised by elaborate communication rules, appreciation rituals, time limits, and role plays. The coaches give the instructions and observe the team. 
Operator: Partner company