The Urban Food Store “Chäs Chäller”

For all those who want to taste something truly special: At the Urban Food Store, local specialties from small-scale production take food lovers on culinary journeys of discovery.

  • Wide selection of cheeses
    Regional food specialties
    Non-food gems

The tradition-steeped cheese store, Chäs Chäller, in Zurich’s Old Town has expanded its range to include local specialties and exclusive items from small-scale production ‒ which is why the store is now known as “The Urban Food Store”. Besides a choice selection of first-class cheeses, the small store also sells excellent whiskey from Säntis, Urban Kombucha from Lausanne, drinking chocolate for cold winter days, and gin & tonic water from small local kitchens.

For hungry guests, there are also cheese sandwiches, (vegan) soups, and salads, as well as a good selection of wines and beers.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday – Friday, 10.30am – 2.00pm & 3.00pm – 19.00pm
Saturday, 10.30am – 6.00pm