Zürich by

Vania Kukleta

Discover the home city of an event and gastro entrepreneur.
Vania Kukleta knows where the hottest parties are held in Zurich.

As night owl, event organizer and co-owner of various cafés, she can tell you where all the action is, which venues are open the longest, and where you can find the most substantial breakfast after a long night of clubbing, no matter what the time of the morning.

Spanish in Zurich


From Thursday to Saturday, DJs get guests in the party mood with music inspired by Ibiza sounds. The olive focaccia is a tasty snack and the staff are rather like hotel concierges, who give you the best tips on where to go later on.
The Romantic Date


The Salon is the ideal place for a date with champagne. The bar could just as easily be situated in Paris; here you feel very glamorous. A DJ plays live music here on Saturday evenings, although during the rest of the week, too, you can enjoy good...
Through into the Early Hours

Gonzo Club

The ambiance at the Gonzo is rather like that in a youth center: laid-back and chilled out. Be sure to try a ‘Mexikaner’ shot – one reason why often people don’t leave before daylight. The best thing here are the fantastic live acts, which are never...
The Nightcap


Meyer’s Bar has looked the same for what seems like a century – down-to-earth, authentic, traditional. The clientele is an eclectic mix. It’s not the best place to stop off if you need or want to get up early the next morning.
Early Morning Pit Stop

Happy Bäckerei

People head for the ‘Happy Bäck’ bakery opposite the Zukunft club after a gig or between club visits. The chorizo wrapped in puff pastry is simply delicious. My tip: Don’t stock up on things to take home – they don’t taste as good the next morning.
The Insider Tip

Monday Market at the Rimini Bar

The Monday Market at the Rimini Bar – which during the day is a riverside bathing facility for men – is a real insider tip for clothes and accessories. Through until midnight, you can observe and meet all kinds of beautiful people – and even get...
The Playground


The Hive is a playground for artists. Known as an international top address for electronic music, the club is continually reinventing itself: with its outlandish decorations, games evening and the restaurant, Gerold Chuchi, you’ll never be bored...
Into the Future


The Zukunft – which means ‘future’ in German – is a small yet smart club in the heart of the Langstrasse quarter. The club owners have close connections with the radio scene, which has an impact on the cool music played at the club.
Traditional Establishment


Even celebrities such as Madonna have celebrated in Zurich’s oldest nightclub – Arcade Fire played here, too, before they became famous. Concerts in winter have a very special ambiance; sometimes through the large glass windows, you can see the...

Multifaceted Zurich

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