Stadthausquai River Pool – Women's Pool with Old Town Panorama

Women can swim surrounded by Zurich's Old Town at the Stadthausquai women's pool.

The nostalgic art nouveau pool at Stadthausquai is still reserved for women today. Women can swim there with a unique view of the Grossmünster, Wasserkirche and the surrounding Old Town.

The water flows from Lake Zurich into the Limmat not far from there and is extremely clean. Two over 30-meter (98 feet) pools – for swimmers and non-swimmers – keep you cool, and a small library provides reading material for a relaxed day at the pool.

There is also a stand selling snacks and beverages. The swimming facility converts into the Barfussbar ("Bare Foot Bar") three evenings per week and is also open for men.

Opening hours

Open on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Adults (from 20) CHF 8
Youths (16 – 19) CHF 6
Children (6 – 15) CHF 4