Supkultur – Stand Up Paddle School Zurich

Besides various SUP courses, the stand-up paddling school, Supkultur, also rents out boards so that guests can immediately head out onto the lake.


  • 3 rental stations in the city
  • Basic courses for children and adults
  • Various boards available

Those who love the water and want to keep fit can get a well-balanced, full body workout by engaging in stand-up paddling. Standing upright on a 3‒4m (10‒3ft) long board, you use virtually every muscle in your body to propel yourself forward with a paddle. In addition, this popular sport is a good way of taking your mind off other things, for you need to concentrate hard in order to keep the board stable.

Supkultur hires out a wide range of boards (hardboards and Inflatables) by the hour at the following three stations in the city of Zurich:

At the staffed machines, there are a total of 80 boards manufactured by Indiana and Fanatic available for beginners and pros alike. Supkultur also offers SUP elementary courses, private tuition for children and adults, SUP yoga, a SUP city tour, and much more besides.

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CHF 30/hour

Opening Hours

May to September
Daily 9.00am – 8.00pm