Stand-Up Paddle School – the Trendy Water Sport Reaches Lake Zurich

Stand-up paddling is becoming increasingly popular among water sport enthusiasts. A school at Lake Zurich offers courses.

You increasingly often see stand-up paddlers glide across Lake Zurich. They stand on approx. 3 – 4 meter (9 – 13 feet) boards, which they get moving using paddles. The popularity of the sport is easy to explain: stand-up paddling (abbreviated: SUP) is easy to learn, and the rides on water are fun both alone and in a group. At the same time, the water sport trains your balance and consequently muscles throughout your body.

From spring to fall, the stand-up paddle school is open at the community center Wollishofen – and offers courses on different levels, as well as adventure tours on Lake Zurich and other lakes throughout Switzerland.

Opening Hours

SUP-board rent
Friday & Saturday 12pm – 8pm
Sunday 12pm – 6pm

Shop (Steinstrasse 75, 8003 Zürich)
Wednesday – Friday 11pm – 7pm 
Saturday 9am – 4pm


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 3.7 km 13 min
Zürich Airport 12.1 km 30 min