Stäfa Pedal Boat Rentals – Pedal Boating on Lake Zurich

Enjoy the summer on Lake Zurich with a pedal boat – you can rent one in Stäfa.

The Traffic Association Stäfa rents pedal boats at Ötiker Haab in Stäfa. It is the only pedal boat rental site on the right bank of Lake Zurich and is operated by the wakeboard school Ceccotorenas Stäfa.

Nine pedal boats are available for leisurely rides or sunbathing on the lake. You can also stay on the lake in the evening, since the pedal boats can be equipped with lights for sunset or moonlight cruises. Advance registration by telephone is required for this.

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“If I can’t find a quiet place by the lake, I take a pedal boat out into the middle of Lake Zurich. A dip in the crystal-clear water is really refreshing.”

Marco Uhlig
Marco Uhlig is the organizer of the party series, Boyahkasha, manager of the Heaven Club, performs as DJ Zör Gollin, and is co-organizer of the Zurich Pride Festival.