Muotatal in Summer

This valley is a ruggedly romantic area of Switzerland, with impressive scenery and actively lived customs. It is well worth exploring.

If you try to whoop like a Swiss Alpine herdsman does, the echo bounces off the imposing rocky walls. The view extends over the spectacular panorama, the flat valley floor and the steep rock faces. For nature lovers, this valley is a real delight to the eye. Lush green Alpine meadows, glistening waterfalls and shady forests invite you to set off on a hike. And the Hölloch, the second longest cave system in Europe, is a truly amazing sight.

It is not by chance that this municipality in the canton of Schwyz is known far and wide for its stunning landscape. But it is also renowned for being particularly primeval: here, Swiss traditions are actively fostered and can be experienced not just on feast days.

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 47.8 km 88 min
Zürich Airport 55 km 108 min
Stoos-Muotatal Tourismus
Hauptstrasse 27
6436  Muotathal