Meilen Adventure Trail

With the siblings, Winnie and Tack, adventurers both big and small embark on a puzzle-solving journey.

Download the free app, make your way to Meilen, and set off on the adventurous journey.

In an exciting audio story, participants get to know the siblings, Winnie and Tack. The pair try to solve the mystery surrounding a strange symbol and a bewitched magician.

Consequently, adventurers of all ages get involved in the story and help the citizens of Meilen to defend themselves against a nasty bailiff. The outcome of the adventure trail is influenced by the decisions the participants make along the way. The path becomes longer or shorter and the story also changes.

This fun activity for all the family is free of charge and can be enjoyed at any time. All you need is the app with the audio story (in Swiss-German) and information about the adventure trail.

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 26.8 km 38 min
Zürich Airport 31.5 km 55 min
Rapperswil Zürichsee Tourismus
Fischmarktplatz 1
8640  Rapperswil