Lama Trekking

Lama trekking in Zurich’s wine-growing region is a memorable experience for people of all ages.

A very different kind of excursion suitable for adults and children alike is lama trekking in Zurich’s wine-growing region, in the northern part of the canton.

In the course of a hike, the tame animals are led on a leash through the beautiful landscape. With their quiet manner and alert eyes, the lamas show the nature from a different, relaxing perspective.

Incidentally, the lamas are happy to relieve hikers of their loads – they have no problem carrying the food supplies. As a result, a trekking tour is an unforgettable experience for one and all surrounded by fabulous scenery. 

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  Lama-Walk "Schnupperbegegnung"
Adults CHF 26
Children 8-16 years old CHF 19
Children up to 8 years old CHF 8


  Lama-Trekking "Halbtages-Tour"
Adults CHF 80
Children 8-16 years old CHF 45
Children up to 8 years old CHF 35
Family price (2 adults and 2 children) CHF 190

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