Bike Tour Rhine – Hirzel – Linth

On this route between Kaiserstuhl and Ziegelbrücke, peaceful valleys and plains alternate with moraine landscapes and lake shores.

This cycling tour leads in three stages from the medieval village of Kaiserstuhl though Zurich and on to Ziegelbrücke. The route first follows the Fisibach river through the peaceful Bachsertal valley.
After a short breather at the Katzensee lake, cyclists get to experience the bustling business metropolis of Zurich at close quarters.

Afterwards, on the climb up the Zimmerberg the going gets easier, with occasional glimpses of Lake Zurich. In the moraine landscape between Hirzel and Samstagern, drumlins, marshy hollows and picturesque farms lie along the path to Pfäffikon. After a short detour via the Obersee, the landscape becomes flatter. At the end of the lake is the corrected course of the Linth Canal and a breathtaking view of the Alps.

Follow the logo for Route 32 on the light-blue sign.


  • Length: 97km (60 mile) / 3 stages
  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Physical fitness: easy

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Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 22.9 km 43 min
Zürich Airport 16.9 km 41 min
Bike Tour Rhein – Hirzel – Linth
Bahnhof Kaiserstuhl
5466  Kaiserstuhl