Balboa Bar & Gym

Balboa is the place to go for all those who want to improve their strength, stability, and coordination.

  • Group workouts
    Functional workouts
    Workouts with instructors

Balboa is one of the most popular fitness studios in the city of Zurich. However, it is not a fitness center in the usual sense, for instead of treadmills, rowing machines, and cross trainers, the equipment here is rather minimalistic: with its black floors, horizontal bars, and shelf units full of kettlebells, medicine balls, and boxing gloves, it looks more like a garage.

Body-conscious individuals work out in small groups with instructors. Here the main focus is placed on functional training: strength, balance, and coordination are trained alternately – instead of just specific muscles or a particular area of fitness such as endurance. The aim is to derive the greatest benefit from each workout session in the shortest amount of time possible.

Thanks to the drop-in deals, which can be booked at short notice, the Balboa Gyms are ideal for tourists and guests who want to work out spontaneously on individual days.

Second location:

Im Viadukt, Bogen 14
Viaduktstrasse 59, 8005 Zürich

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Single admission  CHF 30
5-class pass  CHF 135
10-class pass  CHF 260
20-class pass  CHF 480
50-class pass  CHF 1,100
1 month  CHF 230
Annual pass CHF 2,160

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, courses from 6.30am – 9.30pm
Saturday and Sunday, courses from 9am