Zürich by

Sonja Huwiler, Elena Nierlich, Ramona Bolzli

Discover the home of a bar owner.
Sonja, Elena and Ramona took over Zurich’s legendary Olé Olé Bar.

Whenever they want to wind down during the day, they go to the "Frauenbad" (Women's Pool). They also recommend Brunau common for dogs and the Seebad Enge on Lake Zurich for people, as well as a romantic dinner at the Camino.

The picturesque, art nouveau wooden bathhouse is the exclusive domain of women during the day.
Zurich's former red-light district with multi-cultural and very varied nightlife
At the second location of the Museum für Gestaltung, visitors are impressed by the huge collection archive.
Restaurant / Café
Located on Langstrasse, the restaurant serves Italian specialties at lunchtime and in the evening.
Restaurant / Café
Good, simple Central European cuisine and a pleasant place to relax in the heart of Zurich.
Restaurant / Café
During the day a lakeside swimming pool, in the evening a bar serving refreshing drinks and home-made summer cuisine.

Multifaceted Zurich

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