Straumann Hüppen

Zürcher Hüppen are filled wafer rolls and steeped with tradition – this specialty is said to have been first made in Zurich 400 years ago.

Straumann Hüppen is a time-honored family firm, which has baked, rolled and filled its famous Zürcher Hüppen since 1971. Straumann Hüppen are on sale in all the bakeries, patisseries and confectionery stores in the city of Zurich. The company is currently in the second generation and run by Guido Straumann. At the factory outlet in Wädenswil, you can purchase the entire mouth-watering range of products at reduced prices. In addition, from the factory store you can watch these Zurich delicacies being produced.

Outside the opening hours, the Hüppen dispensing machine next to the main entrance is in operation around the clock.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.00am – 4.00pm