Münsterhof Christmas Market

Under the motto “From Zurich for Zurich”, here visitors can find high- quality, local products from the surrounding stores and boutiques.

  • Focus on local businesses
    Concerts, workshops, readings
    Culinary highlights

The Christmas market on the Münsterhof is an absolute gem, framed by the Fraumünster church and the traditional guild houses.

From the historical Zurich Tirggel cookies from the Bäckerei St. Jakob to Tsüri sauces and DillySocks, to writing utensils from the tradition-steeped firm, Landolt-Arbenz – at the Münsterhof Christmas market, giving gifts is pure pleasure. The market’s modern, elegant ambiance provides the perfect framework for all kinds of encounters relating to Christmas in Zurich. The focus here is on local businesses, Zurich brands, and high-quality products.

In addition, there is a culture tent offering atmospheric concerts, readings, and workshops for children and adults alike. Historical guided tours on the theme of the Münsterhof round off the activities on offer and make the event an unforgettable experience.

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Opening Hours

November 19 – December 24, 2020

Monday to Saturday, 11am – 9.30pm
Sunday, 11am – 8.00pm