Foifi – ZeroWaste Ladencafé

Only buy what you really need and thus avoid waste? That is possible at the Foifi store-café.

  • Zero waste local store
    Food and household articles
    Café and bar

Those who would like to shop in an eco-friendly manner should head for Foifi. The store lies in the trendy Kreis 5 quarter in the western part of Zurich (“Foifi” means “five” in Zurich dialect).

Foifi is Zurich’s first Zero Waste store. Here, customers bring their own containers and fill them with just as much food as they actually need. This has two advantages: they do not buy too much, and also do not take any waste products home with them. This not only saves money, but is surprising, instructive and also great fun.

The product range includes organic produce, reusable household items, and toiletries. In addition, there is a tiny café in the middle of the store, where workshops and events are held.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm
Saturday, 10am – 5pm