Steak sandwiches, beer and good drinks – anyone who likes things fuss-free and down-to-earth, but without compromising on taste and quality, is at the right address at the Stubä.

The name might sound simple, but the taste is exquisite: the sandwiches served up at the Stubä are not the standard kind, but much rather a gourmet version of the bar classic. The meat for the Stubä Steak Sandwich is cooked at a low temperature for 24 hours, making it particularly tender and full of flavor. A special spice mix and home-made mayonnaise heightens the taste experience even further. The sandwiches are served with Pommes allumettes (thinly-cut French fries) or salad, while guests’ thirst is quenched with beer or delicious cocktails.

In addition, the Stubä is furnished like a cozy students’ hostel and is thus the ideal place for spending a relaxed evening with friends.

Opening hours

Open on the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday