Smith and de Luma

When a wine merchant joins forces with a butcher, the result is the concept of Smith and de Luma: outstanding wines, delicatessen meats.

  • Meat matured on the bone
    Wine store
    Lunch and dinner

In Binz, a young, up-and-coming urban quarter in Zurich, the wine merchant’s, Smith&Smith, and Luma Delicatessen have together set up the steakhouse, Smith and de Luma. While a choice range of dishes is served at lunchtime, the main focus in the evening is quite clearly placed on the meat. In addition to the top-quality Black Angus and Pata Negra, attention is quite rightly also paid to so-called second cuts. However, the chef impresses not only with the preparation of the meat, but also with his lovingly created side dishes and sauces.

In the affiliated wine store, Smith & Smith, guests can purchase the first-class wines and delicatessen meats to take home with them.

For private or corporate events, Smith and de Luma not only provides the appropriate ambiance, food and drink, but also great sound and out-of-the-ordinary décor.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 11.30am–2.00pm
Tuesday–Saturday, 6.00pm–12.00am