Rice Up!

Hungry people can find delicious “bowls” of Asian cuisine at Rice Up!, situated in a prime location between the Bahnhofstrasse and the popular Zurich department store, Globus.

These bowls come with rice, salad or noodles, which guests can then add to from a wide selection of ingredients: various types of meat, tofu, vegetables, sauces, and garnishes such as chili or coriander. In this way, each guest can compile their own bowl according to their individual preferences.

The concept focuses on freshness, and the dishes are swiftly prepared just like in Asian street kitchens. Served in small, convenient-sized bowls, these healthy meals are also suitable to take out. However, there are long tables both inside the restaurant and on the terrace, where guests with more time to spare can stop and linger for a while.

Additional location:
ETH Zürich
Gebäude HIT E 31
Wolfgang-Pauli-Strasse 27
8093 Zürich

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Opening Hours

Monday–Friday, 11.00am–9.00pm
Saturday, 11.00am–10.00pm