Hiltl Langstrasse

The world’s oldest vegetarian restaurant now has a new addition to the family in Zurich’s entertainment district – featuring a Bicycle Drive Through, graffiti and space brownies.

The oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world is not sitting back and resting on its laurels, but is happily flourishing all over the city. Its newest shoot has sprouted up in Zurich’s lively entertainment district and is well frequented already early in the morning. For Hiltl Langstrasse has a Bicycle Drive Through, where hip locals can fetch their coffee and croissants on the way to work.

Those who return at midday can take a bit more time to enjoy the enormous vegetarian & vegan buffet, and perhaps even stay right through until evening. For that is when the restaurant’s own Hiltl beer or wonderful “Smoky Pineapples” are served up, the music gets louder, and the 119-year old restaurant is transformed into a trendy club.

Opening Hours

Currently closed


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 1 km 8 min
Zürich Airport 8.7 km 23 min
Hiltl Langstrasse
Langstrasse 84
8004  Zürich