Hiltl am See at the Badi Kilchberg

During the bathing season, both vegetarians and meat lovers are treated to Hiltl creations at the outdoor swimming facility in Kilchberg.

  • Badi Kilchberg
    Gourmet snacks
    Vegetarian delicacies

The Hiltl am See at the Badi Kilchberg offers hungry bathers a buffet comprising hot and cold vegetarian dishes, as well as freshly prepared salads. There are also sandwiches and popular classics such as ice cream, French fries, and chicken nuggets.

On warm summer evenings, from 8pm onwards, cool drinks and good music ensure a relaxing end to the day. The bathing facility can also be rented for special events after 8pm. Guests who only visit the restaurant are not charged admission.

In addition, on summer mornings when the weather is fine, guests can energize themselves for the day ahead with sports activities such as yoga or Pilates.

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Opening Hours

Daily in fine weather during the bathing season