Fuego Steakhouse

The Fuego Steakhouse treats meat lovers to delicious grilled specialties 365 days a year.

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The Fuego Steakhouse in Schindellegi is situated in an idyllic location between Lake Zurich and Einsiedeln. It is known and loved throughout the region as the place to go for light and healthy meat, fish and vegetable dishes. A particular specialty of the house is its dry-aged beef, which is left to dry and mature in a special refrigerator unit. As with all the grilled dishes at the Fuego, this beef is prepared on an open show grill.

A lavish salad buffet, choice pasta dishes, and culinary classics such as Zürich Geschnetzeltes round off the dishes on offer.

The steakhouse’s elegant yet relaxed ambiance is perfect for a romantic dinner, as well as for business lunches, company events, or birthday celebrations.

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Opening Hours

daily 6.30am -11pm

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