Café Bar Odeon

Famous names such as James Joyce, Einstein, Lenin, and the Dadaists once frequented this locale – the history-steeped café is now an integral part of the cityscape.

Scarcely any other culinary establishment in Zurich can look back on such a long history as the Odeon. The art nouveau Grand Café Odeon opened its doors to the people of Zurich for the first time on 1 July 1911 and has delighted guests from near and far ever since.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Viennese-style coffeehouse became a favorite meeting place for illustrious personalities from the worlds of art, culture, and science. Just a few years after it opened, the founders of the Dada movement, for example, were among the regular guests, as were also Einstein and Lenin.

The centrally located Odeon has remained a popular meeting place to this day. With food being served throughout the day, guests can always enjoy something to eat: from croissants and coffee in the morning, to a salad at lunchtime, to burgers or beef tartare for dinner.

Opening Hours

7.00am – 12.00am
7.00am – 12.00am
7.00am – 12.00am
7.00am – 12.00am
7.00am – 2.00am
9.00am – 2.00am
9.00am – 12.00am


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 1.2 km 6 min
Zürich Airport 9.4 km 20 min
Café Bar Odeon
Limmatquai 2
8001  Zürich