Café Rosenstädter

The café complete with bakery enjoys a central location on Fischmarktplatz in the Town of Roses, Rapperswil.

  • With bakery
    Central location in Rapperswil

Those who find themselves on Fischmarktplatz in the Town of Roses, Rapperswil, cannot miss this beautiful café.

Situated directly by the lake, the cozy locale serves up tasty food, oven-fresh bread, a variety of pastries, and a mouthwatering selection of desserts. For example, the delicious “Rapperswiler Schloss-Stei”, which comes directly from the Wick bakery and immediately melts in your mouth.

Other classics include the ever-popular cheesecake and Alsace tarte flambée.

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Opening Hours

January and February
Daily, 08.00am – 06.00pm

March to December
Daily, 07.00am – 07.00pm