Ambrosi Coffee Bar

In the morning, at lunchtime, in the evening: a locale that serves delicious cuisine for every time of the day.

Actually, the name is somewhat misleading, for people who come here just for a coffee or something to drink is really missing out. For at the Ambrosi, you can also eat tasty food – such as freshly made pasta and other Mediterranean dishes. And although the bar might appear rather small, tucked away under one of the mighty railway viaduct arches, you never feel claustrophobic thanks to the cleverly designed interior.

From morning coffee and freshly squeezed juices to delicious wines and well mixed cocktails, the selection of beverages is wide. And with their thick stone walls, the ambiance in the stores under the viaduct is anyway unique.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Thursday, 8.00am–12.00 midnight
Friday, 8.00am–2.00am
Saturday, 10.00am–2.00am
Sunday, 10.00am–12.00 midnight