Spanischbrödli – Specialty from the Town of Baden

The delicious revival of an age-old culinary tradition.

The traditional Spanischbrödli - or Spanish bun – is made solely from puff pastry. It is a specialty from the town of Baden dating from the 18th century and was predominantly served to the guests at this spa resort. It also found favor among the Zurich aristocracy, with the result that servants were sent all the way to Baden on foot in the night so they could buy the fresh pastries early in the morning and bring them back in time for breakfast.

When Switzerland’s first railway line opened between Zurich and Baden in 1847, the warm Brötli could now be brought to Zurich in just 45 minutes. This led to the railway becoming commonly known as the “Spanischbrödlibahn”.

The production of this tasty pastry is very complex. The present-day version is a development of the original, which was little more than a square of sweet flaky pastry. These days, it is also made with a sweet carrot & hazelnut or a spicy carrot & ham filling.

While the original Spanischbrödli is only available on order or at special events, many Baden bakeries freshly bake the modern version of this specialty every day.