Zürich by

Peter Roth

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home of a bartender.
Peter Roth is an experienced bartender and has seen a lot.
He has been awarded the title of Swiss cocktail making champion no less than 11 times. The world champion cocktail maker has been head bartender at the esteemed Kronenhalle since 1984. His favourite place to shop for stylish clothes is the department store Jelmoli.
Restaurant / Café
The legendary Kronenhalle was initially a meeting place for musicians, actors, authors, and artists. Some of them used to pay with artwork, which is why guests today can gaze at genuine works by Chagall, Picasso, and Miró while dining. French-...
Hotel / Appartment
The hotel Baur au Lac has been family-owned since it opened its doors in 1844. This luxury hotel's central location is unsurpassed, with a private park by Lake Zürich and adjoining the Bahnhofstrasse. The gym provides a wonderful view of the lake...
Jelmoli – The House of Brands is situated on Bahnhofstrasse, a five-minute walk from the Zurich main station. Zurich’s largest premium department store, it was designed in 1899 based on Paris and London models and ranks among the city’s most...

Multifaceted Zurich

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