Here new life has been breathed into an old acquaintance: four young gastronomes have dedicated a whole restaurant to vermouth wine.

  • Two types of vermouth from the locale’s own production
    Bar and restaurant
    Tasty snacks for the movie theater next door

First the theory: vermouth is a dry or sweet wine flavored with aromatic herbs and spices, which is mainly drunk as an aperitif. And now the good news: the spicy drink is currently taking the gastro scene by storm. The four owners of "Wermut” - the German word for “vermouth” – are so taken with this herbal wine that they have not only devoted a whole locale to it, but have also created two variations of their own: the somewhat sweet Vermouth Red and the bitter Vermouth White.

These two and many more great creations served in a glass, Swiss beer, and a first-class wine selection are now available in what used to be the Riffraff Bistro. While the rear section has been converted into a restaurant, the urban, modern, yet cozy atmosphere of the old Riffraff still prevails in the front area thanks to dark wood and exposed concrete – an ideal meeting place to enjoy a glass of this on-trend beverage. Or two.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Wednesday, 2pm – 12am
Thursday, 2pm – 1am
Friday, 2pm – 2am
Saturday, 9am – 2am
Sunday, 9am – 12am