First a drink, then something tasty to eat, and finally fun on the dance floor – and all in the same place.

  • At the Schiffbau
    Bar & restaurant
    Modern yet cozy

Light-colored concrete walls, creamy-white & lilac furnishings, and glittering lights hanging from the ceiling: the interiors here were designed with a great sense for creating a convivial atmosphere. The Aubrey appears ultramodern yet at the same time laid-back, and fits perfectly into the lively, multilayered Kreis 5 quarter.

Many guests like to just sit at the bar and allow the Prosecco to tingle in their mouths. Others have an appetite for the burgers, steak tartare, salads or any of the other US or European culinary delights that feature on the menu. And some only turn up when the plates have been taken away and the dancefloor has been cleared. At the Aubrey, there are plenty of options, but one thing is clear – here guests can drink, dine, and dance all in the same place.

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Opening Hours

Monday–Thursday, 11.00am – 12.00 midnight
Friday 11.00am – 4.00am
Saturday 5.00pm – 4.00am