Aelpli Bar

The much-loved and legendary Aelpli Bar is tucked away in a backstreet in the heart of the Niederdorf, an area of Zurich’s Old Town.

A piece of tradition has been preserved in the heart of Zurich’s Old Town: the Aelpli Bar possesses one of the oldest tavern licenses in the city. In fact, it is so old that nobody can remember how long a bar has been located here, in the former cowshed on Ankengasse (Anke is the Swiss German word for butter). Every day of the year, people from across the generations come together to enjoy traditional Swiss music. Besides numerous live folk music performances, guests are also invited to make music themselves – with the available instruments (wooden spoons, ratchets, Swiss accordion, piano, and much more besides) or with their own instruments that they have brought with them.

Incidentally, people who pay a visit to the Aelpli Bar drink Aelpli Milk. This milk, which is fortified with alcohol, is – so to speak – the “shot” of the house, and should be consumed with caution – for it quickly goes to your head. The wooden tables, chairs and pillars are adorned with notches, marks and carvings, for anyone who would like to immortalize themselves in the timber is welcome to do so. Consequently, each item of furniture has a long and varied story to tell.

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Opening Hours

Daily from 5.00pm, live music from 8.00pm