Silberweide Nature Centre

Birdwatching, picnicking, and discovering nature by the Greifensee – the perfect excursion destination for all the family.

The Silberweide Nature Centre allows visitors to discover nature at close quarters: an adventure trail leads past flower-strewn meadows, hedgerows, and ponds, and shows the peculiarities of the area around the Greifensee lake. On the barefoot trail, nature can be experienced with all senses, while in the bird hide, visitors are virtually invisible to the birds, enabling the wildlife to be observed without being disturbed.

At the adventure playground, younger guests can climb, explore, discover, and play. A small exhibition invites nature lovers to delve into the underwater world of the Greifensee.

Events (guided tours, workshops, events) take place throughout the year.

Opening Hours

Seasonally closed from 30 October 2023 until 29 March 2024.


Distance Travel time
Zürich Main Station 13.9 km 35 min
Zürich Airport 17.9 km 46 min
Naturstation Silberweide
Seestrasse 37
8617  Mönchaltdorf