Zürich by

Maurice Maggi

Discover  the home of a guerrilla gardener.
For the last 30 years, Maurice has been secretly beautifying Zürich by planting flowers on unused land.

Besides carrying out his cloak-and-dagger operations, he likes to pass the time listening to live music at the Helsinkiklub and to treat himself to a well-deserved brunch at the Ziegel.

Restaurant / Café
In the midst yet a few all-important meters away from the activity, good music is always playing.
Restaurant / Café
The alternative restaurant with direct access to the lake.
Restaurant / Café
Once a main traffic axis, now an urban quarter oasis
Restaurant / Café
The old automobile garage near Hardbrücke is one of the hottest clubs of the alternative scene.
August 13 – 30, 2020
The annual theater festival on Lake Zurich delights young and old, connoisseurs and amateurs.

Multifaceted Zurich

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