Zürich by

Martin and Stefan Gusset

Visit Zürich.
Discover the home of a pedalo hirer.
Every year, he turns thousands of landlubbers into proper sailors.

Martin Gusset, who -lets pedaloes on the banks of Lake Zürich with his brother Stefan. For those on shore leave, he recommends the Platzspitz park, a stay at the hotel Eden au Lac or a relaxing evening at the Bar Le Philosophe.

Restaurant / Café
The Mascotte is Zurich’s oldest nightclub and has cult status.
Restaurant / Café
The small and appealing Le Philosoph is hidden away in the narrow streets of the Old Town. The venue is tiny and the bar intimate and old-fashioned. But it’s this closeness that permits all manner of exciting conversations with other guests. Time...
Restaurant / Café
The decor is reminiscent of a Spanish hacienda, with its promise of the balmy South. The meat, fish and seafood dishes on the menu are also inspired by the Iberian peninsula.
The Platzspitz is one of the oldest and most historic areas of greenery in Zurich.
A historic park with large meadows, pools, old trees and benches.

Multifaceted Zurich

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