Kafi Züri

A café and store all in one? And everything sustainable, too? The Kafi Züri shows how this is possible.

  • Sustainable store
    Café in the heart of Zurich
    Near Lake Zurich

Light mint-green walls, plants hanging from the ceiling, pots of herbs on the wooden tables, and amidst it all a bar with different kinds of muesli: the Kafi Züri is a cheerful mix of café, take-out, and boutique. It skillfully combines culinary enjoyment and sustainability to create a wonderful experience.

In addition to coffee and cake, there are freshly prepared salads and sandwiches, as well as homemade quiches or muesli, for immediate consumption. Guests can also mix this Swiss breakfast classic according to their own preferences at the “Müeslibar”.

The Kafi Züri is also a store and presents a cross-section of specialties from Zurich’s creative food scene: from Tirggel cookies to dried meat and cordial, through to ginger shots and insect bars.

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Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm