Zürich by

Jens Jung

Visit Zürich. Discover the home city of a bakery owner.
As the owner of the John Baker bakery, Jens Jung attaches great importance to fresh and eco-friendly products.

There are no chemicals of any kind in his bread, but instead self-made yeast. Jens knows which of Zurich’s shops and restaurants also set great store by fresh, home-made products.

Urban Lunch


“With its cozy outdoor seating, mouth-watering soups and tasty bread, the Talacker is the ideal place for a light lunchtime snack. The dishes are made using regional produce.”
Fresh Pasta

Hot Pasta

“Both at the Hot Pasta and at its sister outlet, Little Italy, you can get fresh pasta with fantastic sauces! The food is great value for money, is served quickly and can also be ordered to take out. A kind of healthy fast food.”
Regional Cheese

Tritt Käse

“Tritt Käse sells the best regionally produced, organic cheese around. You can sample and buy it either at the weekly market at Bürkliplatz or at its store in the Viaduct in Zurich-West.”
Japanese Noodle Soups


“The owners of Ikoo are real food aficionados who love experimenting and conjuring new, creative recipes into the soup bowls. The noodles are home-made and simply delicious! A sister outlet, Miki, was also recently opened, which seats more guests.”
The Snack Stand

Palestine Grill

“The Palestine Grill is a multicultural takeout stand on Langstrasse. With its Oriental mezze, it also proclaims a political message: for a free Palestine and peaceful co-existence.”
Sustainable Award-Winning Cuisine


“The Equi-Table serves top-notch cuisine at Michelin star level and sets great store by sustainability. Unfortunately the menu is rather pricey, which is why I warmly recommend this restaurant for special occasions. Be sure to make a reservation...
Hidden Gem

Kleine Freiheit

"For a long time, the Kleine Freiheit only opened when the weather was fine. That was the brazen yet ingenious idea of a couple of wild young things. Nowadays, visitors to this urban garden can enjoy mezze and delicious sandwiches every day,...
Italian Treat


“The Ristorante Santo was opened on the quiet and still looks as if it is something of a temporary arrangement. The bistro-style interior was retained by the predecessor, but the Italian menu is brand new. The food here makes your mouth water!”

Multifaceted Zurich

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