Discover Zurich in 72 Hours 
A host of museums, gastronomic outlets, and leisure activities can be discovered during a weekend in Zurich.

The Highlights in 72 Hours – an Itinerary for Zurich

Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Old Town, discover the diversity of the cultural activities on offer, or tuck into a delicious lunch in one of the historical guild houses – these are just some of the many highlights that can be enjoyed in Zurich in the course of three days.

It is also possible to experience Zurich’s diversity during a short stay of just 72 hours – in other words, three days or a long weekend. The following itineraries provide families, culture fans, and inquisitive urban explorers with some excursion ideas and tips on restaurants, guided tours, and activities that will make their visit to Zurich an unforgettable one.

Guests who are frequently on the move are advised to buy a Zürich Card valid for 72 hours. This grants them free travel on all the local public transportation, as well as on the short round trip by boat on Lake Zurich. In addition, they can benefit from free admission to numerous museums and enjoy a variety of other surprises.

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72 Hours in Zurich
The ideal itinerary for inquisitive urban explorers who are spending three days in Zurich.
72 Hours in in Zurich
The itinerary for families who have three days to spend in Zurich.
72 Hours in Zurich
The itinerary for all those who would like to immerse themselves in culture on their visit to Zurich.

Multifaceted Zurich

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